And We Have Arrived At Our Final Destination….

By the heading of my blog today, some might sense this will be about travel. In some ways it will be, but in others it is the destination of the final “first” for my family. This is the day that we were awakened by a phone call and hours of waiting for confirmation that Big Bubby had went home to be with Jesus. I still have a very hard time with the other word, I hardly use it because it has such a finality to it that I can’t bring myself to use it. Continue reading “And We Have Arrived At Our Final Destination….”

Seven Months – What Does That Mean?

Seven months ago today, I received the worst call a parent could ever receive. My Cowgirl was on her way to the medical examiners office to identify my oldest baby. We could only identify him by finger prints and tattoo’s and they would not let her see him. Traveling back to Texas was the worst trip I have ever made. There is nothing worse than the call that one of your children you have carried, gave birth to, and raised is gone in the blink of an eye. Continue reading “Seven Months – What Does That Mean?”

The Day We Had To Say Good-Bye

November 14th, the day we had to say good-bye to our beloved Big Bubby, my baby I had grown up with. I remember most of the day as being numb. Maybe that is my mind protecting me from the harsh memories and reality of the setting, I am not sure but I know that there were hundreds of people who showed up to say good-bye to my baby. As you read on, know there will be some tears and some laughter at things that happened throughout the day.

Continue reading “The Day We Had To Say Good-Bye”