So, if you have followed me for very long, you know that I am trying to write a book about the last year and a half of my family’s life. I had a conference call with one publisher before we left on our cruise to discuss publishing my book once I get it finished. Which I am not sure how long that will take as each chapter takes on a life of its own and I am constantly reminded to take a break as it is hard to write about what has devastated our family.

When I talked to the publisher, she walked me through all the steps that I will have to take to get the book published. WOW, let me just say I was a bit overwhelmed at the steps that it takes to get something published. I wasn’t expecting all of that. Not sure what I was expecting but that wasn’t it….:) It does feel a bit more realistic now that I have talked to an actual publisher about it though. Before, it was “sure I am writing a book”, now it feels more real.

So for me, it is setting my mind to doing it on my down time from work. I try to write a chapter a week but with the cruise last week, I have missed a couple of weeks. The publisher said they were going to check back in with me in late December to see if I was done. Hoping to have a final copy to send to them at that time.

Again, crazy that I am writing on the internet and trying to write a book. Two years ago I would have laughed everyone away at the thought of me writing a book.

Here’s to getting published….


  1. You have a journey to share, one that doesn’t come w/instructions. I’m confident it will be helpful to yourself and others. šŸ˜˜


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