How Triggers Impact My Life Now

So I have been in this crazy, horrible club now for three and a half years. I have seen myself go from totally numb from drugs and drinking to feeling every small pain staking step through my grief.

For those who follow me, this is a post about grief, learning to hide it from those you love, and how it impacts every aspect of your life. You may want to pass if you are my family or friends as it is not something for everyone.

3 thoughts on “How Triggers Impact My Life Now

  1. As you said, everyone mourns in their own way. You aren’t on this road alone. We will not let him be forgotten. I am only “Nana” to Big Bubby but I feel his loss everyday. I do talk about him and feel sometimes everyone says “Oh no. She’s bringing him up again.” But that’s ok too. And sometimes there are tears. Some of my triggers are a song, seeing the high school where he graduated and opening day of baseball season. I am so proud of how far you’ve come because I know what a struggle it’s been. I so worried about you. You will always have raft tippers but you will deal with each one as they come and be able to go on. As I said, I am so proud of you for how far you’ve come. I love you “Stace Kid”.


  2. As I read your blog I feel as tho I am going down the same path . The Same Journey in a way .. I can totally understand your feelings


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