Life Directions – Changing Tides

So when I started this blog , wow, three and a half years ago, I never thought I would have written as much as I have. This has become a hobby for me and it is an outlet when I am feeling pressured or feeling the pain of my loss of Big Bubby.

I have said in my blogging before that writing was never something I saw myself doing. I am an accountant, I supposedly don’t have the right side of my brain working to be a writer. But here I am writing away. Some folks have come and gone from my blog and I am OK with that as our lives change, people move on or forward, we need different encouragement at different times.

So to this blog and the topic I chose. We all at some point in our life find ourselves lost trying to find our direction. I was that way for a while after losing Big Bubby. I still to this day, sometimes struggle to see what direction I should be going in and I am OK with that now. (Boy if you only knew what a miracle that is to come from me). My family and I are sort of in a state of transition. We have now married both Million Dollar Brother and Baby Sis off to their “happily ever after’s”. We graduated Baby Sis last weekend from Texas Tech University. She is now officially a high school teacher. So as a family we are in a time of change. This time is good as it shows that we have persevered through some of life’s most difficult moments.

So where do I take my blog from here? I am in a transition period as well. The direction of the blog is making a change. I will continue to blog about my experiences and my struggles with my loss as those types of experiences arise.

The direction I am thinking of taking is a more here and now what is going on in the life of the family and how are we coping with the absence of our biggest fan ever. We have had so many great things happen over the last year and I feel like those great things fell away in my blogging because I have tried so hard to keep a focus on Big Bubby.

So stay tuned to the adventures of the family here. We definitely can be an exciting group to follow just in our craziness of daily living.

Here’s to changing Life’s Direction and being amazed by how the Tide can Change us!

3 thoughts on “Life Directions – Changing Tides

  1. I didn’t realize your youngest graduated this year! Wow, how time flies. Has been fun to see on FB the changes in Charlies life as he moves on to new adventures as a married man. I look forward to you blog posts in the future.


  2. Oh Momma!
    This change takes on a new balance. I am at 8 1/2 years since my Lovie was taken. I will continue to be here, with you, even if it is sometimes in the shadows. After all, You, yes YOU, inspire me to keep on keepin’ on.

    Congrats on all of the new, ever changing advancement in the family. I have a felling Big Bubby is looking down and smiling at all involved.



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