Things Learned After Loss….

There are so many other things that I have learned through the loss that I have endured. Too many to list, but those that have suffered the same type of loss knows what I am talking about.

One that I do want to bring light to is the learning of survivors guilt. I don’t necessarily have this but a lot of people do after a traumatic loss of a loved one.

When someone suffers from survivors guilt, they feel like they shouldn’t have survived the traumatic event yet they did. They feel like they should have been the one to die. Some good coping tips for those who may be suffering from this are:

  • Give yourself time to grieve.
  • Consider thinking about who was really responsible, if anyone.
  • Remember to take care of yourself physically and psychologically.
  • Think about what those who are close to you are feeling about the situation.
  • Remind yourself that you were given the gift of survival and feel good about it.
  • Try to be of service to someone or something.
  • Remind yourself that you’re not alone.
  • Be patient.
  • Share your feelings with those you trust.
  • Try to stick to a daily routine.
  • Consider journaling your feelings.

In looking at these coping strategies above, these are not only for those who have survivors guilt but for those just coping with a loss that they had no control over. I can remember days of me “just surviving” my day, trying to be patient with my loss and to feel the loss.

Most of all, know that people are out there to help. There are people to listen to you when you need to talk. Don’t turn inward and try to pull away from those who truly are trying to help you. They have been put in your path for a reason.

He is always there to help you through

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