Bereaved Parent’s Wish List (from thelifeididntchoose blog)

I have tried to put into words for a year now what I want people who haven’t lost children to know about me now. Melanie over at The Life I didn’t Choose put my words together perfectly in her blog called Bereaved Parent’s Wish List. I asked her permission to post here. So my post today is short, but please go read Melanie’s blog as it is perfectly written.

I suggest following her as well. She has been such a blessing to me over the past months that she will never know her impact on my life.

As always, Melanie, you write what I can’t and make me know I am not alone on this battle field of grief.

Thanks for all you do for me.



So it is fall, school is back in, and football is starting up. As I have previously posted, Million Dollar Brother was chosen as the Texas Tech Masked Rider back in the Spring. If any of you know (Texas Tech Alum for sure know) football of any kind, pee wee, grade school, middle school, high school, college, professional, you will find it in Texas. One of the most honored traditions at Texas Tech is being chosen to be the Masked Rider. There are only 55 of them in the 62 years the program has been around. How many people can say they are one of 55 mascots to a Division One college football team? This is one proud momma! Continue reading “FOOTBALL SEASON IS UPON US….”


WOW, thank you INTENTERGY for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award award! I sure would not have guessed a year ago, I would be writing regularly on a blog to the world. I am 40-something and everyone who has known me for any portion of my life knows that opening my heart and soul to the world would not have been done if not for our loss. In just a few short months I have gone from being someone no one knows much about to clearly opening my soul to the world.

The goal of this award is to share about yourself and then nominate other bloggers you feel deserve the same recognition. So here goes:

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Grief and the Grieving…..

No one ever gets up one morning as says “Today, I want to stay in my grief and not ever find a way out”, well some might, but that’s not me. The hardest thing I have faced over the last nine months is learning I am not as strong as I thought I was before losing Big Bubby. I can’t always just push aside thoughts and feelings and go on with my life. For those who know me best, you relate to what I am talking about.

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