Bereaved Parent’s Wish List (from thelifeididntchoose blog)

I have tried to put into words for a year now what I want people who haven’t lost children to know about me now. Melanie over at The Life I didn’t Choose put my words together perfectly in her blog called Bereaved Parent’s Wish List. I asked her permission to post here. So my post today is short, but please go read Melanie’s blog as it is perfectly written.

I suggest following her as well. She has been such a blessing to me over the past months that she will never know her impact on my life.

As always, Melanie, you write what I can’t and make me know I am not alone on this battle field of grief.

Thanks for all you do for me.


3 thoughts on “Bereaved Parent’s Wish List (from thelifeididntchoose blog)

  1. Stacie,

    I have tried to read the posts for the last month but simply could not respond nor read all of them. We supported your family and still do.. I know you are coming on the anniversary for B. We want to be there for you. It is different to loose a child. I completely get that. However, grief is grief. We have been through three months of grief while hanging on to a parent. Definitely a different situation, but still a devastating one. I can not say one thing or the other is easier. One devastating moment? Three long months of four surgeries and 4 hospitals and then choosing to let someone die? Making that decision to remove life support and being there for a long half hour while it happened?

    Both very different experiences. Both devastating. We got Nanna’s card and we love her for that. We love you and the whole family. Please have some patience with us as the time nears that we have gone through our own grief and we certainly did not mean to be absent to you and your family. Love you guys!!


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