Mardi Gras 2017

So this past weekend started the Mardi Gras season here in New Orleans with parades all over the city. The actual day is Tuesday, February 28th. Last year, we were in Texas for Big Bubby’s birthday due to how early Mardi Gras was. This year, my mom and I are going to a parade with a friend from my office. It isn’t the big on on that Tuesday, but its a parade all the same. I am having another back procedure done on Friday, so my mom is coming in to help.

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I woke this morning to a Facebook post regarding a classmate who unexpectedly passed over the weekend. I haven’t spoken to this classmate in probably 20 or so years. Due to the loss of Big Bubby though, the pain that her family are going through right now, I know is unimaginable. The coming days and weeks will be the toughest the family will face and will need all the support they can have around them.

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