Mardi Gras 2017

So this past weekend started the Mardi Gras season here in New Orleans with parades all over the city. The actual day is Tuesday, February 28th. Last year, we were in Texas for Big Bubby’s birthday due to how early Mardi Gras was. This year, my mom and I are going to a parade with a friend from my office. It isn’t the big on on that Tuesday, but its a parade all the same. I am having another back procedure done on Friday, so my mom is coming in to help.

Our two kids here on earth will be doing their thing in Texas for school. While I will be enjoying the day off for Mardi Gras. I have never been to a parade for this holiday down in New Orleans. So going with the friend this week will be interesting. We will be up on a roof so won’t be in the crowds which will help my anxiety levels stay down.

Big Bubby wanted to experience this holiday so very much. So while I am at this parade I will be taking it all in for both of us. I know he will be setting on my shoulder watching everything with me and mom.

I also know that Baby Sis and Red Headed Step Child went to a Texas version of Mardi Gras this past weekend. Experiencing everything for themselves. Since losing Big Bubby, and even before, being in large crowds always have bothered me. If it weren’t for my mom being here this week, I wouldn’t be doing the parade. Anxiety will be high, thoughts of how Big Bubby would love to be there, and the overall experience, I am hoping to have a good time.

I have been here almost two years and haven’t experienced it so I do want to be able to say I experienced it at a smaller level. I am glad for the friend who offered to include mom and I with her family as her daughter is riding in the parade we are going to.

Big Bubby, make sure you hang on, who knows what we will see and find. 🙂


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