What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I woke this morning to a Facebook post regarding a classmate who unexpectedly passed over the weekend. I haven’t spoken to this classmate in probably 20 or so years. Due to the loss of Big Bubby though, the pain that her family are going through right now, I know is unimaginable. The coming days and weeks will be the toughest the family will face and will need all the support they can have around them.

On the same hand, I also found out that my great aunt, who lived a long and fulfilling life, went home to be with Jesus and her husband. She also was met by her grandson who passed years ago unexpectedly as well.

Two different losses, two different stories of lives lost, two different families grieving today for the loss of their loved ones. My great aunt, whom I haven’t seen in years, most likely was ready to go. Being older, knowing you are going home, getting to see your family that has gone before you, at her age, I will be ready as well.

The loss of a mother at my age, 44, can not be the same as we all know. We all go to bed at night expecting to wake up the next day to start our routines over again. When that doesn’t happen, the world stops spinning for a family, you go into an almost numb stage to be able to get through the first few days and weeks.

Since the loss of Big Bubby, I find that when I find out about a family member or friend whether from high school or current, who has passed, it hits me harder than it used to. I have blogged about not being able to shut off my grieving process like I used to be able to do. Now, those losses, near or far, cause me to again question why.

Why does god take the good ones and leave the ones that shouldn’t have a chance? We all know that we won’t know that answer this side of heaven, if ever. Every night, I pray, I don’t get a call in the middle of the night about my family or early in the morning as we did with Big Bubby. Life is short, people who have never lost someone young have no idea how short life can be, tomorrow, as I always say, isn’t given to you.

God gave us beautiful, full of life, kids to raise in his likeness. That doesn’t mean you get to go to Heaven first in every case. You teach your kids right from wrong, you do your best to raise them in a Godly way, you do everything you can to protect them from harm, but it all boils down to it is Gods will, not my will, or your will for our children. He lent them to us for a while, they truly never were ours in the end, and when our time here on earth is done with what he has for us to do, God comes for us and takes us home. No more hurting, no more crying, because in Gods house there is only peace, love, and grace.

As I have ended several of my recent blogs, make sure to tell who you care about most TODAY that you love them and that you want them to know that. Tomorrow is NEVER given.


3 thoughts on “What If Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. If tomorrow doesn’t come for me, then I’m free. But, more pain for my family. I don’t want that. I too, have noticed that I’m more sensitive to hearing about others passing. Whether from the news, friends or in the family. I feel sad because I’ve been in the valley.

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    1. Agreed, it would be more pain for our family and I wouldn’t want that. It is interesting how sensitive you become once your child has passed when you hear of others passing. I guess like I said above, because we know the journey they are now on and can’t get off of.

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      1. I’ve heard on the local news and then they show up at our local group meeting. I feel sad for the parents and then I get to meet them. At least they’re trying get help.

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