End of Year Fun

My company that I came back to work for in the Dallas area consolidated as of January 1, 2020, with a company out of Seattle, Washington. This was announced to our group in early November. For some this is quite the shock for the holiday season. If you have ever been through one of these mergers/acquisitions, you know all the crazy questions going through our teams minds right now. Over my 20+ years working in the healthcare industry, I have learned to roll with the punches and eventually something works out just fine.

For those that have been here forever, maybe their first job out of college, this is a huge shock to their system. I know for them this will be a huge change in their routine. Learning new corporate stuff and learning how to be in a much larger firm.

When this was announced I added a couple of long weekend trips for my husband and I then one for Baby Sis and I. I decided that we were going to enjoy the last few weeks of the year and start fresh with the new year and new company.

My husband and I just returned from two different trips. One to Fredricksburg, TX and one to Napa, CA. You guessed it – for the wine. Both have vineyards to tour and tasting rooms to explore. We spent three days in Texas and four days in California. Both were unique to their own styles and we loved both areas we were in. It has been years since my husband and I have taken a trip alone and going to these places gave us a chance to rest and recharge. The holidays are tough on me now and to be able to go and enjoy some time away definitely can help.

My girls and I are taking a trip at the beginning of January back to Fredricksburg and my husband and the boys are going Striper fishing at a lake close to home. This will be the last of the vacations until Spring when we take a week long cruise.

Christmas for my husband and I will be quiet. Most of our family will be with their spouses families either here in town or west Texas. I plan to use the next couple of weeks, end of the year, to re energize myself for the new year. I am still working on me after our loss which I will always be doing now.

Even though it is still tough to go out and enjoy ourselves, we are getting better at doing so. Big Bubby would definitely not want us to mope around through the holidays but to celebrate life and enjoy our time together. Always remember to hug your loved ones tight and tell them you love them because tomorrow is never given.

One thought on “End of Year Fun

  1. Like you, we have been through those changes in companies. During the time Peter was with what is now CVS Health, he survived the changes and we didn’t have to move, through, I believe 5 company mergers. Most didn’t impact us too much though one came with a significant drop in income.
    It sounds like you have had some fun and relaxing vacations. I enjoy following your blog and FB posts.


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