Accidents and Million Dollar Brother

So a week or so ago, I had to call upon my middle child to help me out a bit. I stated in my most recent blog to hold on and see what new adventures we would go on. It only took a day or so after writing that blog that adventure found me. If you are not a gory kind of person, you may want to pass on this post…

I, not bragging, have a house keeper that comes twice a month to clean my house for me. I do this because neither my husband or I really like cleaning and we are fortunate enough to be able to have this luxury. I don’t indulge in a lot but this is definitely one that I do. Here’s the deal though, I go through the house and “clean” up before my house keeper gets there. I know, ‘why’? is running through your mind, it’s just a habit I have because I don’t want her to think we live like pigs…:)

Well, I was trying to get the dishes that were in the sink put in the dishwasher or cleaned before the housekeeper came the next day. As I was gathering the things the family had put in the sink, there was a butcher knife laying blade up in the sink. I saw it but didn’t really think anything about it because I was always careful with them. Not this time….As I put my hand down in the sink to pick up something else, the knife shifted and cut my index finger almost all the way around.

Oh, and let me set the stage for you, I DON’T DO BLOOD! At all…like I pass out at the site of it…can’t do it. So, here I am, alone because my husband is at work. The dogs are looking at me like I have lost my ever loving mind because I am hollering because it hurts to put pressure on it. Trying to call my son to come get me and take me to the ER. All while trying to not pass out from the site of blood. My finger wouldn’t stop bleeding. I ran cold water over it, put ice on it, pressure, nothing worked.

My son, who is going to school to be a Chiropractor, says to me when he gets to my house, that he can get it to stop bleeding and that we don’t need to go to the ER. I am like great, saves me $400 copay, absolutely, fix it NOW.

So we get in my car, drive to Walgreens, and he goes in and buys out the store of stuff to cover a wound. As I am screaming in the car from the items he decides he is going to spray on the cut, people are walking by the car and looking like he is killing me…lol…all said and done, we still ended up in the ER.

We live in Texas so we have stand alone ER’s on every corner. Blessed that the one we are close to had no one in the waiting room so as soon as they saw my hand, they took me straight back to a room. My son told them what he had tried to do and it didn’t work. When the doctor came in she told me that it would need a couple of stitches.

Let’s set the stage – I DON’T LIKE NEEDLES EITHER – I was setting on a bed that does recline so they reclined me since my son told them I don’t like needles or blood. I couldn’t see my finger and all the things the doctor was laying out. She looks at me and says that she is going to numb my finger which required her to stick a needle in it. I told my son that he had to hold my hand.

When the doctor was ready she looked at me and said “OK here is the prick of the needle for the numbing medicine”. I didn’t breathe. My son had to tell me to breathe. Once it was numb though, I couldn’t feel anything. Two stitches later and I was good to go. As the doctor was stitching my hand up, her and my son who had to work with cadavers for two semesters of his school started talking about that. I am like “hello, yuk, no one wants to hear this” in my mind. The doctor looks over and asks, “oh, are you OK with us talking about this?” I thought a little late now to be asking but yes I am OK with the conversation.

So another chapter in the books of crazy house. Two stitches and no more dishes for me!

3 thoughts on “Accidents and Million Dollar Brother

  1. Oh Momma!
    I have a house keeper too. More specifically, I make my housemate get a house keeper, twice a month because he makes a mess and won’t do the clean up. When I left the house this morning… I saw the sink full of dishes, but … well they are cleaned now. Yep, you guessed it, my house keeper came today. LOL

    Sorry you found the knife in the sink though.
    Hope you feel better soon,

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