Daily Prompt: SOMEDAY

Daily Prompt: Someday

Lots of ideas on what to write about this prompt….

I could make a list of the things I want to accomplish – Someday like:

  • Visit England
  • Visit Australia
  • Write a Book (in the process of talking about doing this now)
  • Retirement (not possible with day and age but a girl can dream)
  • Vacation in Red River New Mexico where my husband and I honeymooned
  • Been with my son in Heaven and wrap my arms around him tightly

The list goes on and on. The one thing that so many of us do though, is put a list like this together, our so called Bucket List, and then never do any of it.

If I have learned anything from losing Big Bubby, its that someday is today. You don’t have tomorrow and yesterday is gone. So your Someday, that is today. If you are not happy with today, start making plans to change your today into something you love. Whether that is a bad relationship, bad job, problems with family members, etc. There is no time like today to start working on fixing those up.

I used to have a boss and the motto of everyday was “Train them up or train them out”. Same goes for your daily life. If something isn’t for you, get it out of your life. So much clutter in today’s world to get caught up in and not stay in the here and now. We are all running in a rat race maze that we don’t stop to smell the roses, so to speak.

That’s it, everyone, everyday, needs to stop and smell the roses. No not literally, but yes you need to stop and think about your Someday and what you want it to look like. I take my someday’s day by day now. For tomorrow is never given to us, I hold preciously tight to my today’s now.

There will be a lot that disagree with me on this prompt as they believe they have forever to follow their Someday path. The one thing I can truly promise you, is that you don’t. If there is someone in your life today that you haven’t told how you feel, do it today. If there is someone you have not spoken to in years because of something stupid that happened, text, call, Skype with them and resolve the issue, today.

Someday for any of us could be today.



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