Krissie and Planes…..A NO GO for Lift Off!

So last weekend, like I posted earlier this week, Krissie and I flew on Thursday evening from New Orleans to Dallas. Not a long flight, but one that we could see how Krissie would do. 

Can you say probably never again will that girl go anywhere near an airport? Maybe because she is still young and we are still training on things, I am not sure, all I know is she was more stressed than I was. I am not sure who gave the most emotional support to the other. Me or her….lol

On the serious side though, she really did stress and I was very concerned coming home on Sunday because of how stressed she was making herself. But she did leave her legendary “Krissie nose prints” on the plane window for the next passenger to wonder what it was…hee hee.

She was great going through security, at the gate before we boarded, but once we  were on the plane and we were in the take off or landing mode, she was having none of it.

It is amazing to me how dogs sense things. I know that her senses were in overload because of all the people, the noise of the plane, etc. I really felt bad and still do that I put her through that experience.

We will be driving from now on and my husband is going to use my flight to come see me soon in New Orleans. All I could see was losing the emotional support dog that was bought for me after my Big Bubby left this earth.

When we landed back in New Orleans on Sunday night, retrieved our bag, and got to our car, Krissie passed out in the backseat. Then when we got home, all she wanted to do was go to the bedroom get on the bed and go back to sleep. I even have video of her snoring with her tongue hanging out. I laughed at her but knew she was so worn out from the trip that was how she was sleeping it off.

Also, to those who don’t know, yes it is appropriate for an emotional support dog or service dog to board a plane with the proper paperwork in hand. We had a few people who were not happy they had to fly with a dog. Lucky for me I had a nice man behind me and a woman beside me who were dog lovers and who helped me not here what others were saying about me having her in the cabin of the plane.

Sometimes I want to wear a sign when I have her out, “I buried my 24 year old son, do you really want to fight about my dog because I would gladly trade places with you.” It amazes me how harsh the world is anymore. There is no compassion for those that have disabilities that are not seen by the eyes.

Losing a child gives you a whole new perspective on life and how to live it. Don’t take yours for granted if you haven’t lost a child, you have today make it count. Don’t worry about the person next to you that you don’t know, make it count with your family.

Before we boarded in Dallas

5 thoughts on “Krissie and Planes…..A NO GO for Lift Off!

  1. People can be so rude sometimes. I’m sorry to hear that Krissie is having trouble with travel by air. One of our dogs was the same when in the car. The vet finally gave us some meds, similar I suppose to Valium, to help her relax. It helped so much. Also helped with thunderstorms as she hated those too. Prayers that Krissie will learn to manage traveling okay.


    1. Thanks Marla, we are going to give her a few months and try again hoping that maybe we tried to soon. Then I may talk to the doctor about something to help her. It was just so awful not being able to do anything for her because you are stuck until you land. But the two neighbors next to me and behind me were very helpful. I can say I saw a little replenishment of my faith in mankind with the two partners I had on the flight home.


  2. I just want to say we are blessed you are our friend. We love you and nanna and the whole family. We got Nanna’s letter. She is really wonderful and a tough lady. We really want to be there for you on your one year anniversary and for B. Tough love Lady! I have asked you to call me. Call me. I need you as much as you need me. The last two weeks have been brutal for us and we in no mean intend to take this time away from B. We pray for him and your family for the next few weeks. We are simply trying to hold our own together right now as well. XOXO


  3. Gosh darn it, I got so sidetracked. Angel By My Side has every written rule for guide dogs (emotional too). You can print them out and hand them out to insensitive people. It is simply rude beyond belief to stress you out while you are trying to calm Krissie and she is trying to calm you too. Redic!!!!

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