How I Celebrated My Baby Sis Graduating without Her Big Bubby

So I posted on June 2nd, that Baby Sis, walked across the stage to complete her high school graduation and receive her diploma even though she had already finished her first full semester of college. We are so very proud of her and how much she has accomplished in her short 17 years of life. The day of graduation, it rained the entire day. The ceremony was at 8pm that night, it down poured from the time that they walked in until we all walked out. We ended up taking our shoes off walking barefoot (only in Texas) to our cars because of how deep the water was.

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Final High School Graduation To Attend for Our Family!

On June 2nd, as this is being posted to my blog, I will be sitting in Denton Texas watching Baby Sis walk across the stage to collect her diploma from high school. Yes, she graduated back in December, but she chose to come back to Denton and walk with her class. Partly because she wanted to I think, but partly because her brothers had both worn the same cap and gown and she wanted to finish off the tradition.  Guess that means a shadow box for memories is coming.

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Memorial Day and Big Bubby’s Band of Brothers, Our Extended Family

Memorial Day – what does that mean to you? Barbecues, lake trips, floating down the river, spending the day off with family? If so, please remember what the true meaning of the day is. Remember those who have served our country and continue to do so who won’t be able to be with their family so you can be with yours. Also remember the fallen ones and their families as they journey through life without their loved one who died serving their country.   

This post is for Big Bubby’s Band of Brothers and all of his close friends. Once Big Bubby made a friend, he would have given the shirt off his back to them to help them out. I have tried several times to finish this, but every time I do, tears get in the way.

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Life Does Goes On Without Me

Five long months after loosing Big Bubby, we received the news that Million Dollar Brother is now the mascot at the college he attends. This is a bitter sweet day for me because Big Bubby had always wanted to see his little brother get this honor. Only number 55. There are thousands of students on campus and there have only been 55 in the years since the program was started so it is very prestigious to be named it.

It was a proud day for us as a family to watch Million Dollar Brother in the changing of the reins on the campus. Then watch him mount the horse and take lots of photos.

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Celebrating Big Bubby’s First Angel Birthday

When Big Bubby passed so close to the holidays day’s, we were all still in such a state of shock. None of us really knew what to do or how to go on. As previously mentioned, we spent Thanksgiving with Casper and her family. For Christmas and New Years, we didn’t go back to Dallas. I just couldn’t take seeing Big Bubby’s grave again. Christmas, Million Dollar Brother, Baby Sis, Casper, and Red Headed Step Child drove down to New Orleans and stayed with us. My husband and I spent Christmas alone for the most part, a coworker did invite us to dinner so we did get out for that. By the time we were finished with dinner, the kids were close to being here.

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