How I Celebrated My Baby Sis Graduating without Her Big Bubby

So I posted on June 2nd, that Baby Sis, walked across the stage to complete her high school graduation and receive her diploma even though she had already finished her first full semester of college. We are so very proud of her and how much she has accomplished in her short 17 years of life. The day of graduation, it rained the entire day. The ceremony was at 8pm that night, it down poured from the time that they walked in until we all walked out. We ended up taking our shoes off walking barefoot (only in Texas) to our cars because of how deep the water was.

I had planned the week to celebrate Baby Sis’s accomplishments and try to focus on her as much as I could. We chose to celebrate with a party on June 4th, Saturday, since we knew some of our friends invited couldn’t make the late night graduation. Our friends graciously allowed us to use their lake house as the location of the party and we truly thank them for their generosity in doing so. It was the perfect location where we could be both inside and outside. The weather in Dallas held off from raining as it had been doing the entire week we were there.

We were  surrounded by family and long time friends. It was a perfect day. We also had new friends (Princess Dapper) that we definitely accepted right away into the family as she fit perfect into our group of crazies. We all know the group we have can be crazy at any and all times.

For me it was tough throughout the party not having Big Bubby there to help celebrate the accomplishment of his Baby Sis, but we all know he was there with us in spirit. He was always so proud of her and what she accomplished. He would always say that she was too smart for her own good.

For those that were there and read here, we thank you all for taking time out of your day to come celebrate with us. This was the last high school graduation we will have in our family. We have one niece left to go in Houston and all 11 grandkids of my husbands family will be graduated. That isn’t for another three years so think of the party we can plan for that.

Hug those you love the most tonight for tomorrow is never given.

Red Headed Step Child and Baby Sis
Princess Dapper, Baby Sis, and Million Dollar Brother – Guns Up – Texas Tech Triplets

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