Final High School Graduation To Attend for Our Family!

On June 2nd, as this is being posted to my blog, I will be sitting in Denton Texas watching Baby Sis walk across the stage to collect her diploma from high school. Yes, she graduated back in December, but she chose to come back to Denton and walk with her class. Partly because she wanted to I think, but partly because her brothers had both worn the same cap and gown and she wanted to finish off the tradition.  Guess that means a shadow box for memories is coming.

As I look back on the last 20ish years we have had children in school, it is amazing what we have all lived through. The Oklahoma City bombing, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, 9/11, etc. Times have changed so much since we were kids their age. Unfortunately, they seem to have matured faster than us in many ways having to deal with war and terrorist much more so than we did in our younger years. As a parent, looking back on the years that you put your time, energy, and oh so much money into raising your kids right, I am surprised we made it.

Of course, our family will have a bitter sweet weekend worth of memories without our Big Bubby to help celebrate this step into adulthood for Baby Sis, but this is her weekend and I want her to enjoy it to the fullest. This is the last weekend she will be with the friends she has been with since Kindergarten. Yes, she is a true 13 year senior (K – 12th grade all at the same school) and  she has close friends that she will miss dearly.

Going to college a semester early has taught her that there is life outside the small town outside of Dallas we live in, but her friends are still her friends and she will miss them when they all go their separate ways to start their own lives whether its college, the military, or jobs.

Baby Sis, your dad and I are so proud of the woman you are becoming. By taking on challenges that most adults can’t survive, you have proven time and again how you can come through adversity better on the other side. I truly look up to you for your ability to always have a smile on your face and a funny story to tell to make someone (me in most cases) laugh when you know I am having a bad day. You said it best when you posted on Facebook for New Year’s after losing your brother. As most replied, you are truly wise beyond your years.

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I miss our talks we had daily but know that I have to let you go spread your wings and fly. Just remember, your Big Bubby is the wind beneath those wings keeping you airborne. Make us proud and show him you can fly on your own!

Congratulations on graduating and we are excited to see what your future holds for you!

Love you always and forever – mom

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