Memorial Day and Big Bubby’s Band of Brothers, Our Extended Family

Memorial Day – what does that mean to you? Barbecues, lake trips, floating down the river, spending the day off with family? If so, please remember what the true meaning of the day is. Remember those who have served our country and continue to do so who won’t be able to be with their family so you can be with yours. Also remember the fallen ones and their families as they journey through life without their loved one who died serving their country.   

This post is for Big Bubby’s Band of Brothers and all of his close friends. Once Big Bubby made a friend, he would have given the shirt off his back to them to help them out. I have tried several times to finish this, but every time I do, tears get in the way.

Big Bubby has the personality that pulled you to him. In high school it was the football and baseball groups that he grew up with. With all boy’s, we had our differences throughout high school but in the end, he appreciated us for how we raised him. It also showed in how he treated others when we were not around (of course). We were so proud the day he came home to tell us he was going to join the Army. As I have previously said, he wasn’t really a school/college kid so we knew he wouldn’t go that way. He was more like his dad who worked with his hands, got dirty, etc.

The day came when we had to take him to drop him for his first round of boot camp (he first enlisted in the reserves but quickly determined he wanted to be active duty which meant a change in job duties so he had to do basic training twice). Cowgirl and I took him to the hotel and dropped him off. We knew we wouldn’t get to speak to him for a few weeks because of training. So it was a happy, special, proud, sad good-bye if there is such a thing…

When it was time for him to graduate from boot camp the family and Cowgirl drove from Texas to Georgia to see him graduate with his group. We were so excited to see him it had been six or eight weeks since we had seen him. So it was good to touch him and see him again.

Once he graduated from boot camp to be active duty, he was stationed in Colorado Springs, CO. My husband and I were excited because we love the mountains but Big Bubby wasn’t. He had to leave the love of his life which was going to be hard on them both. I give them lots of kudos’s for being as young as they were and making it through what they made it through before the accident. They had been together seven years and married for two both being under 25 years old as well. Most middle aged couples can’t do that in this world today.

Big Bubby and his band of brothers spent a year in Afghanistan together. When they got back, every holiday we would never know how many kids would be at the house. Big Bubby would just tell us to plan on them showing up. So every holiday for a couple of years, we would have several of his battle buddies with us for a few days. I was always required to make home made mac and cheese. They didn’t care what else we had as long as that was on the table. I am going to miss having those meals and listening to them all talk about their times in and out of the military.

Those boys are my life line to my son now. We still talk, text, message each other and some are still struggling with the loss as I am.

To my boys – I am always thinking of you and love you all as my own. Thank you for your service to this country and for keeping it free for me to write what I want when I want.

Love you all – mom


Graduating from camp
Big Bubby’s group from Afghanistan
Big Bubby getting ready for patrol
Big Bubby with one of the best friends out of the Band of Brothers


Big Bubby with two of his best friends out of the Band of Brothers

Big Bubby with his group from Afghanistan

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