Triggers Out of Nowhere

First, my very best friend, Hair Queen, has a family dear to her that lost their daughter to a brain tumor in recent weeks. No matter how hard we pray for our child to be healed, times like this we have to come to terms with the fact that our child’s healing is resting in the arms of Jesus, completely healed, with no pain left. I pray for peace and grace for this family as they travel a road no parent wanted to be on.

Second, a post on Facebook about Big Bubby and his friend making a stupid southern rigged AC unit out of an ice chest and $5 fan from Walmart, caused me to take a deep breath in and sit for a minute. Although this trigger wasn’t a bad one exactly, I actually laughed and commented on it. But another trigger none the less.

I know that for the rest of my life triggers are going to come out of nowhere and some will be good and some will take me to my knees. While others are learning their new worlds without Big Bubby in them, I still see him everywhere. The grief sometimes over takes me when I am alone and able to process without someone trying to “fix” it. Then there are times that I appreciate that those around me haven’t forgotten or pushed him away. They share things on social media that shows me they do still remember.

Momma’s will always be at a different level of grief than than others. No disrespect to all who were a part of Big Bubby’s life, but it seems this is the case with anyone who I have spoken with.

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