Growing Girl

Our Krissie girl is growing like a weed and shedding three dogs a week. We vacuum more now than ever. Once we vacuum, you can see black dog hair everywhere again. It is crazy the amount of hair that comes off her. You would think she would be bald by now.

Teething puppy with her blanket in her mouth and asleep on momma
She is so protective right now of both of us. We have to get her out and about so that we can  get her over that protective attitude. I have never had a Lab that was as protective as she is. She isn’t around a lot of other people besides my husband and I so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. She is seven months old this month. She is as tall as our Brittney now.

She wishes and tries so hard to get him to play with her, but he is so old that he doesn’t play well with her. He can stand about two seconds of her jumping up and down and grabbing his ears before he has had enough.

She is still showing that she is very smart. We are hoping that in the next month or so,  I will be able to get back out to a training class with her to get her certified as a therapy dog. She is already certified as an emotional support dog but would love to get her certified as a therapy dog too. She is still all puppy so anything distracts her. We practice at night in the house but the slightest movement anywhere around her gets her attention and that can happen as a therapy dog.

Being a puppy she has been so good about not chewing on anything but her toys and has been great when we are out of the house, she is crated with no accidents. So even at six months old, she is learning quickly. We are so happy we chose her (except for all the shedding). Luckily I wear a lot of black to work so you don’t see the dog I bring with me. 🙂

She is getting good at noticing my bad days as well. She has learned that if I am quiet or if I try to pick up the coloring books to color, she crawls up and now lays across me to make me pet her. It’s amazing at the instincts dogs have and how they can feel emotions before you ever know they are coming.

Can’t wait  to see what the next few months with her brings in training her. She’s going to be a great dog for a lot of years.

Time doesnt lessen the pain


3 thoughts on “Growing Girl

  1. God Bless Krisse and I am so glad she is helping you. I just got my 3 month old pup into her crate and I think she is going to also be excellent for training as a therapy dog to take to nursing homes, hospitals, etc. She loves her two year old brother who was also an excellent candidate for that assistance. If you have great dogs that are gentle and loving (although this blog is on child loss and I can not speak to that) please consider the training . I am going to take both of my pups in for training and pursue this. I recommend a book called “An Angel By My Side” that talks about dog therapy and how much it helps. It was moving to me and my husband when we lost our last two dogs. Again, no intention of the comments having to do with child loss. That has to be the most excruciating thing ever. Just a suggestion if you want to read about dog therapy. XOXO

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