Day Three: One Word Prompt

For my day three, I was given the opportunity to choose from the following words to choose as a one word prompt to write about:

  • HOPE
  • HOME

It was difficult in trying to decide which word to choose.

So my choice is HOME. I have lived a few places in my life. Mostly Oklahoma and Texas. Now in Louisiana. In each of these, I have always had a roof over my head, food on my table, and family around me. Some would say HOME is the house you live in. I don’t see HOME as that.

HOME to me and my family is where our family is at. If we are in Texas visiting with friends, their home becomes ours. If we are on vacation in a rental home, that becomes home. See, my husband and I have never said a physical location, home, house on a foundation, is HOME. HOME to us is where ever we can spend time with our children and family.

So many people focus on the wood, nails, and boards that have built their family “home” they forget what makes it a home. It isn’t the furnishings inside the home or the neighborhood where it was built. It is the family inside the home that makes it a HOME. Sad but true, when people go through a tragedy like a tornado or hurricane, that is when they start to realize the material things they once had can be replaced. When they find their family is all in tack and no one was lost, that is when they realize it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have your family with you, you are HOME.

The ULTIMATE HOME for my family is Heaven, where we will be reunited with family that has gone before us. I will be able to hold Big Bubby in my arms again. My husband will see his dad again. That is what HOME means to us. I can’t wait until I can hold my baby in my arms again it will be a dream come true and won’t be soon enough for me. The ULTIMATE HOME for us all should be this. To get there you must know that Christ died for your sins and you must acknowledge this. If you haven’t, please make that prayer now so that we all can go to the ULTIMATE HOME together.

Home is where you make it
This is my “HOME”

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