Day Two: Make a List….

Since this is for my free writing, I am choosing two topics that were offered because I don’t want to just focus on one. Life is too short to focus on one list at a time I have learned. So here goes….


  1. A lady never tells her age, but I am over 40 lets just say that. I have learned a lot in my few years here on this plant. First being, you have no idea what love is until you hold your child/children in your arms for the first time. Whether you adopted, fostered, or had them yourself. There is no greater love than that of a parent and child.
  2. Family is the most important thing in your life and that no matter what happens, family will make it through it together. Put your focus on your family and let everything else fall where it falls. As a family, you will find ways to make your situation work out for the better. I promise you this.
  3. The “rat race” isn’t worth it
  4. A sunny beach, a beach chair, and a drink with a little pink umbrella can help solve any problem for the minute
  5. Not to take tomorrow for granted because it isn’t a given you have it
  6. You will never be the same after burying a child even if you only had that child a few minutes or 40 years
  7. You find out who true friends are in your darkest hours
  8. Take your days one day at a time as when you are going through grief, it strikes at the most unexpected times.
  9. Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the Rest to God! As I have said in other posts, I am working on that last one diligently.
  10. Remember those who walk next to you, you have no idea the pain they may be going through in their lives right now. Don’t be harsh, be patient, be kind, and remember until you walk in their shoes, you have no idea what might be playing out in their lives.



  1. There was truly a stairway to heaven like the song suggests
  2. That I could go back in time before the accident and warn my Big Bubby that he was going to be hurt
  3. That I could take away all of Cowgirls pain and my family’s pain
  4. For peace for those who are going through hard times
  5. That I had one more day with Big Bubby to tell him all my thoughts and that I loved him more than life itself and would always remember him even when he was gone.
  6.  God would take my pain away and help me through these darkest hours of my life.
  7. To go on an Alaskan Cruise
  8. To travel to England and see the beautiful castles
  9. To Take my husband to Washington DC where he has never been
  10. Most of all, that my two children who are still with me today know how much I love and care about them. That they become all they can be and memorialize their brother by being the best people they can be in this crazy messed up world.



One thought on “Day Two: Make a List….

  1. Spirit In The Sky……that is what I saw at his birthday celebration/memorial. Celebrate the Spirit in the Sky!! He is there.


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