Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

So today’s prompt is to choose from four pictures and write about how they make you feel. I chose two, of course I couldn’t choose just one. Here they are:

Women in the Woods
Woman Alone in the Woods

First, let me just say this would not be me. I love the outdoors, would love to live in the mountains somewhere in my future, but never would I be alone in the woods. It gets dark quick and I’m a big chicken when it comes to the dark, I don’t go outside after dark anywhere not even in the city by myself. I don’t really go anywhere anymore by myself but that is for another post.

That being said, this picture makes me think of Fall. The woman is wearing a coat and the trees don’t appear to have leaves on them except for the evergreen right next to her that looks somewhat like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I love Fall because of all the changes that take place, and the Spring for the same reason. The old goes out in the Fall and the new comes in the Spring.

Man in Church
Man Setting Alone in Church

This appears to be an older church, must be beautiful to see in person from first glace at the photo. Maybe the gentleman is there praying for the recovery of a loved one or for the loss of one. Or maybe he is just there for the peace he feels in the building being closer to God so to speak. My struggle with my faith over the last few months has kept me from going to church regularly. I sometimes feel my fight with God and my faith shouldn’t be taken into the church where it seemingly appears everyone there doesn’t have demons they are fighting. In my mind I know that isn’t true but I still feel that way. Everyone has demons they fight everyday. Maybe going back to church could help me regain some of the faith I have lost over the last months since Big Bubby left us.

One thought on “Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

  1. S, try to go back to church if it will give you strength. It may take time to go back, but from everything I have read that you said, you really want to go back. Take it a week at a time, but just give it a try. All you can do is try and you might hit it that one day when you were supposed to be there and the sermon just speaks to your soul. I believe in fait. I do not mean that to sound cruel, but I just do. Therefore, there will be one day you are supposed to go back and you will end up where you were meant to be and hear the message you were meant to hear and it will help heal your heart. I do not know when that will happen…..but have faith it will happen when the time is right. XOXO


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