Who Cares About Someone You Don’t Know Who Has Died

Today, this week, this month, has been really tough on me for some reason. No historically special occasion regarding Big Bubby that I am missing without him being here. It’s just those moments in time that take you to your knees when your not expecting it.

This post is going to be a rant so fair warning: I am typically not a person who pays much attention to celebrities who pass other than that they have died. I am not one to make a huge fuss out of someone I don’t know nor did they know me. But within the last few days it has been one celeb after another that has been plastered all over the news. Face Book has been nothing but post after post of “what is your memory of….”. Come to find out most are due to drug overdoses or violence related.

Ninety nine percent of the world doesn’t even know these people. I get they are celebs and we do have memories from them but it is almost like these people have lived with the celeb all their lives. You see people on TV breaking down like it was a close family member….REALLY????

Grow up, world, you have family and friends right next to you that you take for granted day in and day out. You assume that tomorrow, when you wake up, that same set of family and friends is going to be there. Don’t expect it, because there is a greater chance of you losing someone close to you than that of the next celeb that you are in love with passes.

Who you really need to be worried about and focusing on are those that are in your life today, in the present. Tomorrow, is never given and yesterday is gone. So make sure today, your loved ones know you love them.

Take it from a mother who can honestly say Big Bubby knows I love him. I told him that every time I saw him or talked to him on the phone. There are people out in the world today that are so focused on the celebrity lives, the reality TV shows they have to get home to watch,  with themselves, whereas these are the things that in my mind don’t matter. People need to get over themselves and see what truly is important in life.

True family/true friends are the one thing that will be there in the end when you are on the edge of going over and need those people to hold on to so you are not lost forever. You find out who those true family and true friends are in your most darkest hours. Their the ones who still check on you months and years after your loss. So, yes, mourn those who have passed, but mourn for the family that is left behind to deal with the heartache of losing their loved one.

This is what is important in my life. What’s important in yours?

©  Stacie Snider All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Who Cares About Someone You Don’t Know Who Has Died

  1. Big Bubby was a true hero and EVERYONE is proud of him. Just spent the last three days at the political convention here in Big D and EVERYONE supported our military 150%!!!! Every time I stood up and clapped for military support, I thought of Big Bubby!! So proud of him!! Even those who did not know him were supporting and thanking him for his service. Regardless of party affiliation, I think everyone supports the military. God Bless!!


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