Mama’s and Puppies

While she is off enjoying the trip of a lifetime, she and her husband have me watching their precious pup who was about to become a mom. We knew Sadie, the pup (granddog), was due sometime around the first of June. So last Thursday, after buying and installing a camera to monitor her from work, we began having puppies. Sadie did awesome. For a first time mom, she did absolutely perfect. We had six bouncing baby girls and one boy.

The sad fact of life is that sometimes when animals have babies not all survive. Luckily for my family, we have been down this road multiple times throughout our show history of all different species of animals. So it was no surprise when one of the pups seemed a little off. We worked on her for hours trying to save her, but in the end, she didn’t make it.

I could tell that the mom knew something was wrong with the pup because she kept pushing it away. She was a healthy looking pup, not a runt like you would expect. But the pup had been in the birth canal for at least forty five minutes. It amazes me how animal instincts take over and even a new mom knows that she has to care for the ones that will survive.

So now, we have five plump happy girls and one very plump happy boy. They are so cute and cuddly right now but all too soon they will be in the “terrible twos” tearing through the house. Baby Sis comes home Monday, about the time the pups should be starting to open their eyes. She will be so happy to see them and they her.

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