Daily Prompt – Specific

Todays one word prompt: Specific!

So what does the word specific mean? Exact, precise, detailed, certain.

To me, that word means when I am trying to accomplish something and have to have help from others, I have to be specific in my requests. I have learned that throughout my life, if you are not specific about your needs, you could potentially not get what you need.

Perfect example, when my children were younger I would tell them to clean their room (yes, all parents have been here), they would shove everything they could either in the closet or under the bed instead of actually just putting the toys and clothes where they should go.

As life goes on, kids grow older, and you get to the teenage years you try to be “specific” in your questions trying to get information out of them. So you try to structure your questions to them to find out what they are doing. No parent ever really gets it all out of their kids, even me and my husband as carefree as we were with our kids, after Big Bubby got older and we would talk, there were things he did, that I never knew about. I am sure it is the same with the other two, Baby Sis and Million Dollar Brother, but they aren’t as brave to own up to stuff as Big Bubby was. He really didn’t care what he said, especially after a little liquid encouragement. 🙂

Then as all my jobs that I have had in my life, a lot of “specific” has to be stated. There are so many people in this world that do just enough to get by and if you don’t tell an employee EXACTLY what you want, they only do enough to say they finished the project for you.

I have learned over the last 25 years that when I need someone to do something, we meet, write down the specifics of the project, set deadlines for each step and then meet weekly or daily if necessary to make sure we are meeting our goals.

So that is what the word Specific means to me!

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