Nominated Again! Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile-blogger-awardThank you again to Please take time to check out the thought provoking blogs she does over at Intentergy.

I know that all my friends and family are out there saying, WOW, can’t believe the girl who won’t get up in front of a crowd and speak has been awarded two awards in a week. This is my only outlet for my grief and it seems to be helping not only me but others learn what I am going through. Also, if I help one person with my story, then I have given Big Bubby something to smile about all over heaven.

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, I am to share 7 facts about myself. Seven facts that I am sure are to demonstrate my versatility.

  1. I am able to multitask at work, as it is definitely needed in my world of work.
  2. Writing has shown me that I can write about different events in my life both awesome and devastating but still manage to make a story out of them.
  3. I definitely have versatile feelings now. I used to try to be the strong one for all around me. I have learned through the loss of Big Bubby that you are not alone and must allow those around you to help you get through tough seasons in life.
  4. I learned last night, I can accomplish putting a desk together without the assistance of my husband. (It may have even went faster than most since I read the instructions like you are supposed to do—no offense husband). 🙂
  5. I have learned over the last year that I have to be able to change my mood to be able to force myself to get up and go about my days. There are more days than not that I would prefer to stay curled up in bed and just sleep my life away until Big Bubby and I meet at the Heavenly Gate.
  6. After 40 something years, I have learned that I can write something I would have never attempted before my greatest loss.
  7. I am a country girl at heart but I must be versatile and be able to show up professional at work. Most work associates don’t know just how country I really am…:)



4 thoughts on “Nominated Again! Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Congrats!! I am so glad you are doing well. I realize it is complicated and doing “well” is probably not the correct term.

    Yesterday was 7 weeks in the hospital for Shelley, Matt’s mom. We are all so exhausted. She has had three surgeries. She has not eaten in these 7 weeks. 3 ice chips are enough to send her over the edge and need a morphine shot. Monday night wa awful. We learned she would not have surgery till next Tuesday. I was there earlier in the day, but not there at that time and Jim walked out in a huff. It was a horrible Monday night. My mom is over the bend. She is 93 and the last three weeks she is completely looney. Every afternoon I get a call about strange people, my sister is stealing from her, it is crazy nuts!!

    We simply can not deal any longer after 7 weeks. However, we have to.

    I am glad your life is looking up. Say hi to Jeff and the kids for us. Ours pretty much sucks right now!!!!

    Sharon & Matt

    I have got to go to sleep now as I have to be at HCA by 10 tomorrow…..


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