Making Up for Lost Time

A few weeks ago, my husband found out that a close friend who is much more like a brother to him, lost his dad to cancer. My husband hasn’t talked to this friend in probably 20 years or so. We will call him Hunter for this blog, guy hunts anything that he can. A few months after Big Bubby’s accident, I reconnected with a friend from college, we will call her my College Sister as well.

When we lost Big Bubby, we didn’t realize the impact on our lives that would have at first. When you bury your child, you immediately become numb to the world around you then the first thing you do is just get through the hours and the days and the weeks. We past our eight month mark yesterday, it is absolutely so hard to believe that we are already there. It seems like yesterday that we were receiving the call, flying to Dallas, and coming to terms with never seeing him again.

One thing that both of us have learned from this, which neither of us in the back of our minds felt that we would be doing, is being able to say “No Regrets” at the end of our lives. Our kids grew up in a great area, they never wanted for anything although they will tell you they never got anything. We always made family vacations. Vacations turned into stock shows once the kids got older but it still meant spending precious time together.

No Regrets can mean a lot of things. Experiencing something in life, traveling somewhere in the world you want to go, or repairing friendships that should have never been destroyed in the first place. This is where my husband and I are at now.

The Hunter and my husband talk almost daily along with him talking to me. I don’t talk to College Sister as much as I should, but we have reconnected and are starting to find our way again. Things that seemed so big and hard to get over, are no longer worth the effort to hold on to. There are too many precious things that are there to hold on to instead of the insignificant reasons for walking away from someone who was your support for so long.

Hunter is planning a trip to come see us soon in New Orleans and I think that will do my Husband some good to see an old friend again. They both are really glad that my Husband contacted Hunter and are talking again.

Why did I write this post? If you are holding out on someone that was important in your life years ago and something stupid, not worth your time of day now to hold on to, that you would readily forget for just one more chance to talk  to the person, don’t wait. As I have said before, tomorrow is never a given for any of us. We all need to learn that without having to bury a child to do it. This world is an amazing place and people are destroying it daily.

Open your heart and pick up your phone and text or call that person today and ask to meet up, have coffee or tea or a coke. Don’t let another day go by where you don’t find a way to make a mends before it is too late and your standing at a grave side saying “I regret” 

Our family

The Hunter

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