Turning 18 and All that Comes with Freedom

So yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. Baby Sis turned 18 today. We have no more “kids” in our house. Not that she has been a “kid” in a long time but for purposes of the State of Texas, she is now an adult. Nor has she lived with us for the last seven months or so since she went to college a semester early.

Of course, I posted a long post on Facebook and included the below collage of photo’s from over the years. The bittersweet part was that Big Bubby, who promised to take her out country western dancing, won’t be able to do that for her now. She spent her birthday with Million Dollar Brother.

Our daughter has shown such grace under pressure in all sorts of situations that have been thrown at her throughout her short life. Yet she comes out the other side a better person in the end. She has posted several posts before and after Big Bubby that all of our friends have said that she is wise and mature beyond her years.

We are so very proud of her and where she is headed. We are now what you call “empty nesters”. Although, I am not the type to be depressed that my children are all out of our house. I celebrate the greatness that they are going to bring into this horrible world we see around us today.

My husband and I are still somewhat young compared to some of our friends who still have young (elementary school age) kids. We are glad that we were young when we started and are glad that we will get to watch our children grow and become producing adults in society.

We hope that Baby Sis had a great day yesterday and has a little fun this weekend for her birthday.

Cheyenne 18 Photo Collage

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