Day 9: Writing and Not Writing

What do I do when I am not writing?

First and foremost, I work my real job when I am not writing. I have two kids in college, two house payments, and all that goes with two of everything so I work. I spend my time away from work with my husband and two dogs. We don’t do a lot when we are together except sit and watch TV. I will do some writing with them around, read a lot, and I have, as I stated in other blogs I think, picked up adult coloring books as a way to ease the grieving process.

We sometimes will go to a town close to us that has a farmers market and purchase fresh produce but mostly we just spend time together. We no longer have soccer games or baseball games we have to run from one to the other and barely make it on time to both. We are what you would call empty nesters  I guess. We both are still fairly young, we started and ended raising our kids early in life just because my Big Bubby and I were already started so to speak. I haven’t really thought about us having the empty nest syndrome because we were so excited for each of our children to jump out of the nest and fly on their own so we could watch what they did with their lives it hasn’t bothered me as much.

Being new to blogging and writing my feelings/thoughts down for the world to read, I haven’t really found a good spot yet to say is my “writing space” yet. We moved from a large house into 900 square feet of an apartment where we are now so there really isn’t a whole lot of room around to find a space to call mine for writing. I need to work on that. Maybe that can be my 4th of July weekend project is to find a place in our tiny apartment to call my writing space. I will see what I can come up with.

Writer at desk

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