Decision To Purchase An Emotional Support Dog

I have always been what I consider a strong person. I don’t depend on anyone to do anything for me (my husband of 22 years will confirm this if asked). After the loss of Big Bubby, my emotional and physical exhaustion has been a great burden for me to bear since I don’t depend on anyone. I don’t like asking for help at all.

I have always been able to go out in big crowds, go by myself to stores, be alone in a store while my kids or husband are off doing what they need to do. Now, after Big Bubby, I no longer can be in large crowds without having anxiety attacks. I can’t go places by myself anymore and rarely do I go grocery shopping with my husband like I used to do.

Someone mentioned to me that there was a certification for animals called Emotional Support Dogs (in my case). There is no training necessary prior to receiving certification. You must have a physician write a letter on his letterhead stating that you need the dog to actively participate in life. When I discussed it with my physician, he was fully supportive of me getting one. He felt that having the dog may also help take my mind off of continuously thinking about what has happened.

So, the search began. We had already agreed that a Lab was what we wanted because of how smart they are. Queen Bee put us in touch with her breeder, who eventually got us to an excellent breeder out of Texas who she worked with a lot. We were looking for a puppy because we wanted to be the ones to train her and raise her as a therapy dog.

Boy, it has been years since we have had a lab pup. She was bred for hunting so she is hyper anyway, but this pup is hyper on steroids. I wouldn’t change her for the world though. She has definitely taken my mind off of the horribleness of my life right now. She is a 24/7 infant that needs care all day long. That’s where my wonderful husband has come in for the last couple of months since he isn’t/wasn’t working, he has been able to be with her to help train her.

We know how to sit, down, roll over, play fetch, play hide and go seek, loves plastic bottles, and already picks up on when I am having a rough time. I have picked up adult coloring books as something before Krissie to give me something to focus on. Now when I try to color, she picks up I am having a bad time and will come sit with me. Actually tries to help color. So not much coloring gets done while she is awake.

We have put her through puppy kindergarten and she graduated a couple of weeks ago from that. We are going on to the next level where when she graduates from that she will be tested for the Canine Good Citizenship certification.

We already have the documentation for the Emotional Support side and she could travel places with us we just want to get her a little more behaved first before taking her out into public areas where people might be afraid of dogs. She is still all puppy and likes to jump on people (we are working on “all four on the floor”). We are also working on other items like things that scare her, different types of people, etc. It has been a good experience so far and she seems to be a quick learner with treats in your hand….lol

She will never replace my sweet baby Big Bubby, but she will help me live my life a little easier knowing she is here for me at any time I need her.

Krissie and Buster
Krissie (Big Bubby’s Lil’Rascal Krissie Girl is her formal name) with our older Brittney, Buster

2 thoughts on “Decision To Purchase An Emotional Support Dog

  1. I was leaving a reply momma…

    It will help you with Krisse. and I have bought every hard copy book I could find years ago. I promise it will help you get faith again for your dogs at least. That is all we have without real kids but our dogs our real kids to us!! We believe in Brenda who you will find in the book. She is awesome and has become a life long friend of ours. So is Nancy, but not in the book, can provide you separate information on that.

    I also recommend “journey of souls” by Michael Newton, PHD. All of these books might be a stretch for you. I hold my faith in the Catholic faith and yet am married to a Jewish person. It works. I stretch it out for these new boundaries because I had to in order to deal with cancer and death. My father’s death was most profound to me and I just screamed at the top of my lungs in my mid 20’s when I got the call he had passed. Matt and I had fought earlier that morning at my house and he went back to his house. I called him (because he knew my dad was in the hospital, although we thought he would survive), all I did was scream as I recall it. There was no conversation at all. He just knew instantaneously he had to come right over. He did and ran interference with all my friends. I was supposed to go out that Saturday night with a girlfriend. I refused to speak to anyone but family that night till my girlfriend’s mother came over and I spoke to her. Lois was so comforting on that night. I will never forget her.

    30 years and I have had much more time to experience death. Nothing like you have had to deal with at all with Big Buggy. I am not making any comparison.

    Every loss is heartbreaking. There is a faith message and as hard as it is at the time, I then figure it out later with someone else. You will get there.

    I hope you read these books and regardless of faith, skip chapters till they make sense to you. Then go back and read them….have more faith!!

    Much love….I am coming through your state soon….see you then? Possibly two to four weeks?

    Love ya!


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