School Starting, Football Season, and Only Memories to Share!

It’s that time of year again when school  districts are starting back to school. Since we no longer have kids in high school or grade school, we no longer have to buy the school supply list that irritates me each year. I never understood why I had to by a million boxes (OK maybe a bit of an exaggeration)  of pencils, Kleenex, paper towels, etc. When I know my kids would never go through all of them.

Now that both our kids, here on earth, are in college, they buy what they need not what the whole class needs. The trade off? Now I pay tuition for two kids to go to a Division I school in Texas. šŸ™‚

Football season is right around the corner for college. This year will be bitter sweet to watch our son run the field on Fearless Champion without his brother cheering him on from the sideline. We have purchased season tickets so that we can try and make as many games as possible. This is a huge tradition and honor for our son to be the 55th Masked Rider. I am sure there will be a few tears shed the first run he makes as that will definitely be dedicated to his brother. Million Dollar Brother, have a great Senior year and make your brother proud as he watches you from the heavens as you run the field this year.

Charlie and Fearless Champion 2016
Million Dollar Brother with Fearless Champion
Baby sis, wow who would have thought you would be starting your sophomore year when all your friends are just now starting their freshman year at college. Enjoy all you can while you are at college, the real world is right around the corner ready to make you want to be a kid again…:)

Know that dad and I are proud of you both. You both have been through hell and back this year coming out the other side stronger than you were before. Lean on each other in the hard times and enjoys these months before Million Dollar Brother goes off to the real world of horse training. Make memories to last a lifetime to share with your families later on and with mom and dad now.

We love you both forever and always!

Cheyenne Dez and Charlie Chey Grad 2016
Baby Sis when she went home to walk the stage to Graduate from her home town

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