Day 10: Let the Scene Write Itself

This is going to be the toughest one yet I think. I am someone who can’t set down for five minutes to let my mind rest much less set for 20 minutes watching other people, the weather, animals, or whatever to give me something to write about. Well off I go to figure out what scene I am writing about….

So on my ride home last night, I had 30 minutes of traffic to think about my scene around me. Cars, trucks, semi’s, etc. All driving home from work or to work depending on the person’s schedule. Of course, there were those who were on their phone, looking at something other than the road in front of them, or jamming to the latest music on their radios.

I used to be a very aggressive driver, you can ask my husband that and he would agree. After losing our son, my driving habits have changed significantly. I don’t like passing people who are standing on the side of the road broken down, changing a flat, or stopped by an officer. I just have a bad feeling when I pass them. I have also changed my driving habit of being the first there so to speak. I definitely have a lead foot as my husband calls it, but as of late, I give other people the road.

I have more important things to think about than trying to race my way home to get home five minutes earlier than I would have if I would have just driven the speed limit or drove a little safer.

I used to have a Mazda Miata, my little car would whip in and out of places during traffic that it  should have never been going in the first place. But before Big Bubby’s death, I was always trying to get to the next thing going on in our lives never thinking about what could happen to me or to others around me.

So yesterday driving home, it was interesting to watch as those around me whipped in and out of lanes, not making any progress other than to slow us all down just because they needed to get somewhere faster than the other million of us on the road.

My ending thought on this is, slow down, life goes by in an instant and you may miss something really beautiful if you are rushing trying to make the next big thing. You also might not ever make it there if you are not paying attention and playing on a cell phone, eating a fast food dinner, or changing a radio station. We are all focused on telling people not to use their cell phones but there are so many other things that drivers have distract them that have never been mentioned. Look up, pay attention around you, who knows what you might see that you wouldn’t have otherwise!


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