Krissie the Crazy Emotional Support Dog!

So in another post, I explained our reasoning for purchasing an emotional support dog due to the anxiety and depression that I am having. She has gone from puppy to perpetual two year old child in less than a month. She still knows what she has been taught in Puppy K but wow, she is so excited to see me when I get home. She sits at the window and waits for me to come home.

Our older dog, the Brittney, he watches too but gets bored easily and will go back to laying in his chair. He knows when I walk through the door he will get loved on no matter where he is at.

We currently have a friend visiting us right now and its funny to watch Krissie. She will be in a dead sleep on the couch and as soon as our friend walks through the door, Krissie is on her in a second wanting to play. Krissie thinks that our friend is her personal toy to play with. Doesn’t help that the friend does instigate some of the play. They have become fast friends and Krissie is lost when our friend doesn’t come and see us.

Krissie has been such a blessing to our family. Even though I call her the Crazy Emotional Support Dog, she has kept me busy. Training, walking, keeping a schedule, etc. Had I not had her, my husband and I wouldn’t get out of bed some days. The old Brittney we have would be happy to lay in bed all day long and not move as long as you love on him every once in a while.

Krissie has learned that she can jump on our bed now. She is finally big enough to jump up on it, but it’s funny, she can’t get off of it without daddy’s help. She is worse than her two legged Baby Sis who wants daddy to do everything for her.

This dog will be with us a long time and I am hoping to one day get to a point that I can train her as a therapy dog to take to nursing homes and hospitals for children. She is a wonderful companion and is very keen on emotions even at her young age. She would work well in raising the spirits of those who don’t get much company or kiddo’s fighting diseases they can’t even pronounce. I would love to bring some bright light into those eyes if we can get Krissie trained to that point.

Maybe that is part of God’s plan for me is to train her and take her to bring joy to others.


Krissie on the right wanting to know what Buster on the left was looking at
Krissie watching for me to come home

One thought on “Krissie the Crazy Emotional Support Dog!

  1. Such sweet pups. Yes, they do have a way of bringing joy and purpose. I think the idea of training her to be a true therapy dog is a great one. We have given thought to that as well. Our pups are so loving and seem to sense when one of us is feeling down. And what greater feeling that to know they are waiting for you to come home.

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