My Book

I am so nervous about this because I have never in my life written a book or published anything. I have my family for support regarding the publishing but they are a little bias if you ask me.

I hope that I can get Big Bubby’s story out there and maybe help one person see that there is light after the loss. I know that is interesting to hear from me who sometimes slides backwards in my journey but I truly believe that on this journey there is light, however small of a beam, there is light that we see. That light is what keeps us going in the darkest of times.

I had Dapper Dez who is a trooper for reading my rough draft, read through the book and help me change up some things before I send it off. Thank you to her for that help. I am nervous about strangers reading it and not liking it but I would venture to guess any writer is that way.

My book, which pours out my heartbreaking story of losing our son and the weeks and months after, I wrote to help in my healing process and to help others who may not know what they are going through and what to expect.

Once we get it through editing at the publisher and our first edition is going, I will update you all on the name and how to find it.

Hold tight for the update!

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