OK so I don’t typically get into political debates but for the past few days I have watched as the NFL (men who play for millions of dollars a few days a year) not respect the flag that my husband,Big Bubby, Big Bubby’s Band of Brothers, and all military past, present and future have fought and died for the freedom these “BOYS trying to make a statement against the president” have. Yes, I called a bunch of grown men BOYS! Because that is the way they are acting – VERY CHILDISH!!!I am sooo very tired of everyone in this country feeling they are entitled to whatever they think they should have or being able to do whatever they want to. I am tired of the people who think that they should protest their rights being violated by “me” because of my skin color. I didn’t do anything to anyone, I live my life, pay my bills, yes I do hire people to do jobs for me but I don’t do it based on the color of their skin. Also, if I hear one more person state that “ALL” police are out for them I am going to scream! Yes, I understand that there are times we find bad people working in the police, but to classify a whole career force as “bad” is ridiculous. First off, I have been stopped in my life more than once for speeding (husband says I have a lead foot…:)), never have I had an issue with a police officer thinking I am trying to hide something from them. People who have something to hide are the first to scream the police did something to them, well jokes on you as most of the time, you brought it on yourself by having something you shouldn’t have in your car or on your person. 

If you don’t like something fine, state your protest, but to demean the very individuals and symbols, who give you the right to protest is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! These people leave family and friends to defend us against enemies far and wide, they shouldn’t be disrespected in the manner that the NFL has come out this week and done. These people do it because they have been called to do it, they don’t EXPECT anything from you in return BUT in my humble opinion, they should be the first you give your thanks to. The worst part about it is that the Commissioner himself said it was OK.

I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys and don’t watch NFL games unless my husband forces me to…:) What I am proud of though is that Jerry Jones came out and stated that if anyone on his team was found to not stand for the flag, they were immediately fired. Good for him (although he’s the reason I don’t like the Cowboys….) Finally someone who will stand against the next big news story and say NO to his team that he OWNS and can fire you if he feels like it as Texas is an at will state. I am also very proud of NASCAR for stepping up and saying the same thing.

It is time that AMERICANS take this country back and start showing respect for others, be it military, police, fire fighters, your neighbor, whomever it is, etc. If we keep fighting ourselves, then we truly are going to be in the middle of WWIII. We can not continue as a nation to divide ourselves on such trivial matters as you don’t like the president and so you don’t stand for the National Anthem!!!!

As AMERICANS we shouldn’t be giving these petty little kids (NFL, etc.) a platform to be stupid on. I agree with one Facebook poster who stated we should be boycotting these people. Don’t give them a stage (media outlets) to throw their little two year old fits on. I am not just talking about the football players either, I mean anyone who is trying to get in front of a camera to protest anything. Show them that we have more important things to worry about than whether or not they like the president. These people should grow up and act the age they are. How embarrassing this must be for some parents to see their kids doing this.

As you can see I used my blog to give you my “OPINION” which is just that, an opinion. We all have them but you don’t see us all getting on national television and acting stupid to get attention from it.





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